Why META Data is Important

So you’ve invested a lot of time and money in your website. You’ve got a great looking logo and professional copy. One problem though…..no one knows your website exists! Many of my clients have been in theis scenario at some point, and often the solution is (thankfully) quite simple. Once quick look at the source code of any web page reveals that there is not META data entered. Even worse, the exact same META data exists on every page of the site! Search engines look negatively upon both of these situations since they look to META data for clues as to how to index page content. In the case where there is no META information, the search engine is left to figure out what your page is all about. Without meta titles, keywords, descriptions and header tags showing search engines the way, chances are your content is not going to be indexed well. In the case where there is the same META content throughout the site, search engines look at this as spamming….an act which they look down upon and will ultimately penalize your ranking in search results pages.

Phaseous Phact: Don’t leave indexing up to the search engines.  Provide accurate META content each time your website is updated.


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  1. Great, but what now. Do you provide free information about how to optimize META tags with simple html? How do we plant META information if we use a domain redirect like godaddy.com?

  2. For the do-it-yourself inclined, there is no shortage of resources on the net for SEO and proper meta tagging. For free tools and information, check out the links list on this blog. Domain re-directs such as godaddy.com shouldn’t be an issues because the meta information is embedded in the HTML source code of each of your web pages. So, depending on how you edit your website (i.e. through a content management system, through a WYSIWYG editor like DreamWeaver or just via a text editor and writing the code yourself) will determine how you edit and maintain your meta information.

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