Internet Anonymity

During the days of the early Internet (web 1.0 as some refer to it), as soon as folks were able to get online they began searching for and participating in the discussion of special interests (such as playing electric guitar) that mirrored their passions.  Due to the limitations of technology of the day (i.e. number of characters, folks with similar names, etc), this Web 1.0 world was full of creative and sometimes auto-generated screenames (like johnny6785).  A side effect of these limitations gave birth to the dawn of Internet Anonymity where folks could act as they wished online without much fear of having their true identities revealed.

Fast forward a few years. That small discussion board that a person has been contributing too since 1999 has grown dramatically in both number of visitors and depth of content.  On the net, johnny6785 has positioned himself as a guru within the realm of all things electric guitar.  The Internet has made it possible for him to connect with folks around the globe and develop his online reputation.  One problem though……who exactly is johnny6785?

Phaseous Phact: Since everything we do on the Internet arguably will remain there forever, its important to use your real name (or corporate identity) if you wish to positively participate in the disucssion and develop your online reputation.


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