How to Improve Traffic with Micro-blogging

One of the most popular off-shoots of the Web 2.0 space has been the advent of micro-blogging.  This capability enables users to post short “updates” (usually no more than 140 characters long) in lieu of lengthy blog posts and has means to share this information within a specific community or the internet at large.  While this can be as simple as status updates on the popular social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, there’s more to it than just that.  Micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, Pownce and Plurk take things further and enable users to embed url’s and rich media items (pictures, music, video, etc).

However, just because you have these new capabilities doesn’t mean you’re going to generate SEO gold.  You have to know how to author your content properly.

When promoting url’s via micro-blogging, its important to give the link context as concisely as possible without coming across has being spammy.  Use these resources to share things that you think others will find useful or entertaining.  If you’re promoting a product or service, position the link so that it comes accross as being useful or entertaining to others.

So if you’re going to mention that you really like the content of a particular site, be sure to mention “why” so that your post has context so that Google, Yahoo and the other search engines have something they can sink their crawler’s “teeth” into.


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