Launch of Search Engine CUIL Premature?

The internet has been abuzz with the news of a new search engine created by former Google engineers called CUIL today.  It offers a new interface and a new take on search, sporting its own algorhythm.  However, a few quick searches reveal deep holes in CUIL’s index coverage.  Not only is it lacking key data in its search results, questions arise with respect to its search’s hierarchy.  For example, the very first result for “Pete Lacis” brings a old, but hardly ever used domain of mine where there is much more relevant and valuable information to be found for the same search in Google and Yahoo.  Time will tell if CUIL has any competitive power in this market.  I would expect for over 30 million in venture capital funding, the search results to be a little more compelling.


One response to “Launch of Search Engine CUIL Premature?”

  1. Cuil’s problem was that they returned to the late 90s fashion of buying $1000 chairs for the staff BEFORE turning a profit. That rarely results in a functional business.

    Plus, their name would only be pronounceable by the Welsh…maybe.

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