When Facebook unveiled the ability for web content creators to embed their “Like” feature in third-party websites in April, it had the potential to be a game changer practically overnight.  The concept of directly leveraging Facebook’s user-base to drive traffic to one’s blog was huge.  But would it actually work?

Since in the world of analytics we like to see hard data, this week Mashable reported that after users of blog platform TypePad installed the Facbook “Like” capability on their blogs, traffic to their blogs increased by 50%.  Since most modern CMS’ like Joomla and Drupal (let alone WordPress) are essentially blogs on steroids, it is reasonable to deduce that the same benefit can be seen when implementing the Facebook “Like” feature on a CMS-built website.  Just make sure that the content your are linking via the “Like” feature provides value, entertainment or both….otherwise you will loose trust and harm your online reputation.