Our proprietary approach to Search Engine Optimization involves an extensive analysis into how your website is performing from a search engine optimization standpoint, how your competitors are performing, and what steps need to be taken in order to improve search engine results.  Areas covered include site META information, site architecture and design, site content, site communication capabilities (RSS/ATOM/Contact Forms), site map, Google Analytics, inbound and outbound site link analysis, top referral traffic analysis, keyword analysis, social networking, press/media features, strategic partnerships and participation in online content clouds.

For each client, we begin optimizing their website by first assessing the current situation by researching the questions below.  After we have an understanding of the current situation, we create and implement a customized plan to meet the needs of your website’s particular situation.

  • How is your website currently performing?
  • How are your competitors performing?
  • What steps need to be taken in order to improve search engine results?


Initial Situation: The client was a healthcare provider with over 10 hospitals in the same state.  Even though in most markets this client was the major player, search engine rankings for their products and services within a specific geographic region were very poor.  In certain cases, no results for their services was listed within the first 10 pages (100 search results) of either Google or Yahoo organic search.

Revelation: After performing a Search Engine Optimization Audit, it was evident that the majority of the content of the site, though well written, was not crafted with search engines in mind.  It was derived from old-school print marketing thinking, not Web 2.0 search engine-centric thinking.  As a result, the high-quality of content contained within the site was invisible to search engines, which reduced a searcher’s ability to find the hospital online.

Solution: A three-phase approach to search engine optimization was implemented.  Those phases were:

  1. Internal capability and content optimization
  2. External visibility and link building optimization
  3. Web 2.0 and Social Networking capability optimization

Results:  Following the implementation of the three phases, search engine results improved unilaterally, with listings for the client’s products and services ranking within the top three results in both Google and Yahoo organic search.  The entire process took 90 days to complete.

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