Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing practice is full-service integrated approach to increase brand visibility and awareness online. Methods include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, site capability optimization, social networking, RSS & ATOM feeds, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, E-Commerce capabilities. Monthly maintenance required to maintain online brand awareness is included.

Development of a logo design, graphical elements and styling that comprise your brand. Online brand creation is our standard offering. Additional branding elements (print) can be created at an additional fee.

WordPress Installation & Configuration
WordPress is the most popular and powerful open source blog software available today. It provides an ideal environment for individuals who are developing themselves as their online brand. With its suite of excellent communication capabilities, it is very search engine friendly and is an outstanding choice for small business websites as well.

Joomla website creation
Joomla is a robust open-source content management system that is intended for more complicated websites. Its architecture is very search-engine friendly and provides an ideal foundation on which to build online catalogs, e-commerce sites, association or other membership-driven sites as well as robust multimedia corporate offerings.

Migration of existing content
If you have an existing website, chances are you are going to need that information migrated over to your new website.

Site Map & SEO Treatment
A critical part of any site development includes the development of the site map: the org chart for a website. We will work with you to develop the appropriate flow of information based on your specific needs. In addition, during this process, once content has been provided by the client, a SEO treatment of proper page meta titling, keywords and descriptions will be crafted.

SEO Tune-up
The most basic element to search engine optimization is site META information; search engines will never find and index the content of a website if the META information is missing or incorrect. Want to make sure your page titles, keywords, descriptions and other META data are correct and up to date? The SEO Tune-Up is right for you.

SEO Audit w/report
Our SEO Audit w/report is an extensive analysis into how your website is performing from a search engine optimization standpoint, how your competitors are performing, and what steps need to be taken in order to improve search engine results. Areas covered include site META information, site architecture and design, site content, site communication capabilities (RSS/ATOM/Contact Forms), site map, Google Analytics, inbound and outbound site link analysis, top referral traffic analysis, keyword analysis, social networking, press/media features, strategic partnerships and participation in online content clouds.

SEO Audit w/report & implementation
This option includes all of the analysis found in the SEO Audit w/report and includes the time to implement the reports recommendations.

Google Analytics – Setup
A simple yet powerful and intuitive way to look at site traffic. An excellent resource to track who site visitors are, where they are coming from and how they found the site in the first place. This is an essential tool for all sites, especially if AdWords or AdSense campaigns are to be considered.

Feed Burner – Setup
As Google Analytics is to site statistics, Feed Burner is to feed analysis. This is a very powerful tool to help increase the visibility of site feeds while simultaneously providing valuable insight into feed statistics.
E-commerce capability Whether there is a need to sell tangible goods or intellectual-property related downloads, e-commerce websites are a very effective way to add new revenue streams to any business.

Joomla E-Commerce
Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the popular open source platform, Joomla E-Commerce edition integrates a full suite of tools for any number of online e-commerce needs including sales of tangible goods, downloads, membership renewals, etc. (requires merchant account with business banker)

Google AdWords
Google AdWords is an effective way to drive traffic to a site via paid advertising of certain keywords or key phrases. Ads can be targeted to be as broad reaching or specific as necessary (with respect to geography as well).

Monthly maintenance
Each of our service offerings is akin to planting a tree; without proper nutrition and maintenance, it is impossible to expect that tree to survive, let alone grow. Some clients wish to take that initial work and grow things on their own. For those clients who don’t have the time to dedicate to ensure that their web presence continues to function and flourish, Phaseous can help.

Google AdSense
Google AdSense leverages the massive Google content and AdWord network by hosting ads on your website and compensating your for clicks. This can be a great form of passive revenue via subtle automatically hosted Google Ads listed throughout your website.

RSS/ATOM Feed Integration
RSS Feeds are a tremendous tool from a search engine optimization standpoint. Feeds are a push-technology which continually drive new content to search engines (and the content clouds which they index), thus alerting the search engines to new changes or developments on your site. Feeds also serve the purpose of allowing users to subscribe to relevant updates that they might be interested in. This is particularly powerful for blogs, pressroom/mediaroom sections of websites, and any other often-updated executive level communications. Note – feed capability is automatically built in and offered with both WordPress and Joomla installations.

Social Networking
An important factor in increasing search rankings and online visibility involves participation within the social networking world. Services such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter offer tremendous access and value to help cross promote your brand and explore new communities and their respective markets.

E-newsletter template creation and database management
Services such as Constant Contact, Mailer Mailer and Jango Mail help companies keep in touch with their potential and existing customers via customized HTML emails that mimic the look and feel of your website. These services simultaneously provide email list management and all the automated opt in/opt out controls that are required by anti-spam laws.

With each of our service offerings, Phaseous also offers training from beginner to expert level. Custom training programs (powerpoints, webinars, in-person, etc.) can also be developed to meet the particular needs of your business. Programs included (but are not limited to): SEO coaching, WordPress, Joomla, YouTube and Social Networking

General Technology Consulting
In addition to our interactive marketing service offerings, we also have extensive experience within the realm of technology consulting. Our areas of expertise include:

• Email systems – Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, CC:Mail
• Network infrastructure – Microsoft Windows Server NT, 2000, 2003, Novell Netware, Linux, Unix
• Security – firewalls, vpn, dmz
• Accounting systems – MAS90, MAS200, SAP, Timeslips, Platinum
• Interactive marketing – Constant Contact, Mailer Mailer, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life
• Web design – Dream Weaver, NetObjects Fusion, Joomla
• Video & music production (AVID, Final Cut Pro, NUENDO, Ableton Live, Native Instruments)

Web Design

Areas of expertise: WordPress, Dream Weaver, Joomla

Our web design clients have ranged from McDonalds to small businesses to authors, speakers and bands.  We have a process in designing your website.  Read how we work in an article about PHASEOUS from by clicking here.

Examples of work:

Internet Marketing

Areas of expertise:  Constant Contact, Mailer Mailer, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed,

The term internet marketing is fairly vast, but mostly targets the following areas.  We can help create a customized plan for your business to use the web as a marketing tool.

*Search engine marketing
*Site capability optimization
*Social networking
*RSS & ATOM feeds
*Google Analytics and other Google tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For each client, we begin optimizing their website by first assessing the current situation by researching the questions below.  After we have an understanding of the current situation, we create and implement a plan for our clients.  Since each client is very different, each plan is customized.

*How is your website currently performing?
*How are your competitors performing?
*What steps need to be taken in order to improve search engine results?

Tech Support

Areas of expertise include:

Wireless Internet issues
Email systems – Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, CC:Mail
Network infrastructure – Microsoft Windows Server NT, 2000, 2003, Novell Netware, Linux, Unix
Security – firewalls, vpn, dmz
Accounting systems – MAS90, MAS200, SAP, Timeslips, Platinum
Video & music production (AVID, Final Cut Pro, NUENDO, Ableton Live, Native Instruments)