Just as savvy investors see opportunity in down markets, internet marketers and SEO experts do the same when they notice a disproportion in spending on PPC (pay-per-click) advertising compared to SEO.  The often referenced “Google Heat Map” indicates that the lion-share of clicks for search results are within the organic listings.  That said, recent reports show PPC spending is over ten times the amount invested in SEO and organic search.  So what does this mean?

PPC is an expensive band-aid.

While it may drive traffic to your site, the chances of false positives resulting in no sales conversion is much higher than if organic search results bring traffic to your site based on proper SEO and good site content.  Since so many folks are focusing on the easy PPC fix and not concentrating on what really matters in the long run, they will lose their ability to compete effectively as other website become more SEO-aware.

In these uncertain economic times, it is critically important for businesses to invest in proper SEO in order to ensure their ability to be competive in the search engine space both today and tomorrow.